Our activities at the village level include

  • Grassroots conservation work – soil, moisture and water conservation activities, wildlife protection by assisting Forest Department in anti-poaching activities, fire fighting activities.

  • Village development activities – community conservation activities – village development though integrated micro-plans (where available, help in implementing, where not available, help in designing plans). Act as a bridge between villagers and official agencies entrusted with development.

  • Education – raise awareness of environmental issues and need for conservation. Classroom activities, nature camps and trails, involving school children in conservation activities and using such activities to spread awareness among wider village population.

  • Livelihood activities – assist villagers in shifting from basic forest-dependent lifestyle to one which puts less pressure on forests. This can be by helping unemployed people to voluntarily shift away from forests by helping them to get jobs elsewhere or to provide programmes which will promote ecologically sustainable self-employment activities within the village itself.

  • Free medical camps – Organise medical camps where villagers get free medical care and medicines.

  • Liaise with Forest Department and other Government agencies as needed.

Organisation chart