Our focus is on involving local communities in sustainable conservation action which reduces pressure on wildlife and forests.

Activities include:
  • Moisture conservation.
  • Afforestation.
  • Advising villagers to reduce their herds of non milk-producing cattle.
  • Assisting villagers in getting gas connections which reduce demand for fuel wood.
  • Convincing villagers to adopt forest-friendly measures such as biogas units and helping them get cooking gas connections.
  • Educating and assisting villagers in setting up natural barriers against wildlife depredation of crops to reduce human-wildlife conflict.
  • Organising community meetings between villagers, Forest Department and district administration officials to help sort out development issues and forge consensus on conservation.

Kanha, Bhagpur - Check dam being built with silt and boulders
Kanha, Chapri - Amit inspects vegetable patch set up by Bhagwat Dhurve with our assistance
Kanha, Chapri - Range Forest Officer (Khatiya Range) Ansu Alice Barwa, Dy Ranger Patel, Forest Guard (Chapri) Tiwari examine dead fox before burning carcass
Relocated villager of Saundad speaks to villages from Fulzari about relocation experience
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