Mobile Health Unit

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  • Objective is to provide free medical care to villagers.
  • Focus area is villages in and around Tiger Reserves in central India.
  • Conservation Officers and field assistants plan and run medical camps in consultation with Medical Health Unit of sister NGO: Nature Conservation Society Amravati .
  • Frequency of camps is weekly and distributed across 4 Tiger Reserves.
  • On average, between 150-200 patients get free treatment and medicines every week .
  • So far, we have assisted Nature Conservation Society Amravati in holding 737 medical camps across the landscape at which a cumulative total of around 33,800 villagers have been treated.
  • Camps used to educate villagers about personal hygiene, clean drinking water.

Dignitories checking the Medical Health Sarvice facilities
Flag Off - Mr. Naqvi and Mr. Bhagat showing Green flag to the MHS ambulance
Mr. Kishor Rithe President Satpuda Foundation talking at the inauguration ceremony of Medical Health Service
Mr. Sarjan Bhagat PCCF WL talking at the inauguration ceremony of Medical Health Service
Mr. SWH Naqvi PCCF HoFF talking at the inauguration ceremony of Medical Health Service
Pench (Mah), Kirangisarra - Van majoors, daily wage workers of Forest Department, get free medical treatment from doctor with our ambulance
Tadoba, Karwa - Staff of Forest Dept is examined, while other villagers register for treatment
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