Nature Education

  • Focus is on moulding tomorrow’s decision makers.
  • Programmes emphasise the need to save wildlife and forests.
  • Target audience is educated on issues like global warming as well.

Pench (M P), Turia - Niranjan teaches village children about nature through a game
Pench (M P), Turia - School children on nature trail organised by Satpuda Foundation
Pench (Mah), Sillari - Our field assistant Bandu guides village children through Nature Interpretation Centre
Tadoba, Dewada - Bandu shows photos of birds to children during education programme

*  Education activities in villages in and around Tiger Reserves including 32 schools in Pench Cluster, 8 schools in tadoba-Andhari and 11 in Kanha.

*  Implementation of Kids for Tigers Programme in 25 schools in Nagpur and 10 schools in Akola.

*  Activities in villages are undertaken by Conservation officer and field assistants and includes classroom lectures, nature games and activities and jungle walks.

*  In Nagpur and Akola, there are full-time co-ordinators and they conduct audio-visual shows in classrooms, take children out for nature walks and bird-watching trails.

*  Besides these routine activities, there are also drawing, essay, painting and poetry competitions.

*  The Foundation also has a video player and a LCD projector which are used to play educational movies on field trips to villages.

*  Classroom lectures in schools in all villages in our area of operations (115 villages-6 TRs).

*  Nature games with conservation message.

*  Activities such as drawing and painting with focus on nature and wildlife.

*  Nature trails and conservation rallies for village children to sensitise them on need for conservation.

*  Total of 2,581 classroom lectures on nature and wildlife conservation.

*  147 nature trails.

*  97 conservation rallies.

*  Total of 866 film shows on nature and wild life conservation.

*  Kanha, Kutwahi - Awareness programme on vegetable farming in progress. Forest Guard Pahel Singh Marko next to Amit Awasthi.

*  Kanha, Manegaon -Womens' SHG capacity-building programme.

*  Tadoba, Kutwanda - Ashfaq conducts environment education programme at village Primary School.

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