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Satpuda Foundation, a green force for protecting the wilderness of Central Indian Highlands announces the VOLUNTEER PROGRAM.

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Satpuda foundation’s mobile health Unit camp at moharli range

Dates: 9th - 10th oct 2010
Villages: Dewala,  Adegaon, Palasgaon, Karwa
With the email of Rajashree Khalap I decided t go to the MHU camp of Satpuda foundation. After the initial arrangements with Vishal Bansod I finally landed up directly at Moharli.

Day 1:

This was my first experience for such a medical camp. We got together at Satpuda office, Moharli  in the morning. Got to know other volunteers and doctors along with Guddu, the co-ordinator at the office. After the doctors,Guddu made the initial check of the props/medicines required(for which I was just an observer) we went to Dewala, a village near by.  We reached the usual place where  they set up the mobile clinic. Doctors, Volunteers started to arrange the clinic with equipments, medicines, patients' records, etc. More...


Dear Kishor Sir, 

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and supervision this summer(2009) during my internship experience with Satpuda foundation. Your leadership throughout the summer assisted me in further development of my leadership  and communications skills as well as my ability to implement individual projects and function as a leading contributor on various team projects within the foundation. 

The experience was more than I could have expected and allowed me the freedom to explore different ideas. I actually felt like a major contributor in different activities and I was able to work independently on issues close to my heart. Working for Satpuda foundation helped me use the knowledge I’ve acquired over last year as a volunteer as well as the skills I’ve developed during my previous experiences with other NGOs. 

I also want to thank the entire staff especially Gajanan Shanware, Neharu Yeole and Ratanji in Harisal as well as Project officer of Akot Eco Restoration project Mr. Amol Pande for taking the time to share their expertise and knowledge of the field. I am also thankful to Mr. Manish Sawankar and Mr. Vishal Bansod for taking pains in scheduling and organizing my whole intern. It was through these times that I felt I was able to learn and grow the most in developing my skills over the course of the summer. The staff was most responsive to my requests and always made me feel like a full-time member of the group. 

Please  let me know if there is any other way I could be assisting your foundation I would definitely like to volunteer again with Satpuda Foundation in future. Thank you again for my making my intern a never to forget experience.  


Abhishek Surana, B Tech., IIT Delhi

Can I see more “Teams for Tigers” across the world?

This event has been memorable for me! I really appreciate the concern shown by Maya’s parents-Gauri and Bruce Sreenivasan. Satpuda Foundation would request its young readers of Maya’s age to follow, implement and expand the “action programme” given by Maya’s team. I would like to see such more “Teams for Tigers” acting across the world! It’s a time of action now….read more

Eight year old Madhav Subrahmanyam has started the Madhav Tiger Conservation

Eight year old Madhav Subrahmanyam talks about how he decided to help the cause of tiger conservation through the Satpuda Foundation. You too could volunteer to share your time and skills, donate materials or make monetary contributions.

DUDA Clothe Bank...more  

Nature Education

The Satpuda Foundation is involved in conducting the Kids for Tigers programme for children in 30 schools in Nagpur. Teachers' training programmes will also be organised to sensitize primary and high school teachers to the importance of nature conservation in consultation with the Education Department.  Similar programmes are planned in other cities like Akola, Gondia, Wardha, Indore and Jabalpur. You can participate or volunteer to help conduct/organise these programmes.

Nature Conservation                                                                         
Satpuda Foundation is involved with a community conservation programme in and around Pench Tiger Reserve Maharashtra and Pench Tiger Reserve Madhya Pradesh. We are also involved in some ongoing conservation surveys, in which you might be able to participate.

Wildlife Protection
The Satpuda Foundation is consistently involved in gathering intelligence about poaching and the wildlife trade as well as arranging raids to curb the wildlife trade in the Vidarbha region. You can participate by sharing secret information and helping forest and wildlife authorities arrange these raids.


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Green Force Donor

You can be a Green Force Donor by donating
250/- to 500/- to the Satpuda Foundation.

Green Force Patron

You can be a Green Force Patron by donating
10,000 or more.

Satpuda Foundation Member

You can be a Satpuda Foundation Member (Satpuda Ranger) by donating 250/- to the organization.

For More information on Donations and Membership

The donors would get the receipt of the donation within 8 working days from the date of receiving and they would be able to see the outcome of the project in a annual report.

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