Policy Level Activity

At the policy level, the Foundation is a member of

  • The National Board for Wildlife (India’s top policy-making body on matters related to wildlife), which is headed by the Prime Minister
  • The Standing Committee of the National Board for Wildlife, which is headed by the national Minister of Environment and Forests
  • The Tiger Conservation Plan approval committee of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)
  • The Mining Projects Inspection Committee of the NTCA
  • The Maharashtra State Board for Wildlife
  • The Maharashtra State Bio-diversity Board
  • Committee appointed by the Supreme Court of India to monitor mining activities in Panna Tiger Reserve

Satpuda Foundation Satpuda Foundation

Green Force Donor

You can be a Green Force Donor by donating
250/- to 500/- to the Satpuda Foundation.

Green Force Patron

You can be a Green Force Patron by donating
10,000 or more.

Satpuda Foundation Member

You can be a Satpuda Foundation Member (Satpuda Ranger) by donating 250/- to the organization.

For More information on Donations and Membership

The donors would get the receipt of the donation within 8 working days from the date of receiving and they would be able to see the outcome of the project in a annual report.

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